Wireless 350A: Emerging Wireless Technologies

Wireless 350A ventures into some of the emerging technologies and markets in the wireless space. Some of the topics discussed are Software-Defined Radio (SDR), Micro Fuel Cells, and High-Altitude Platform Systems (HAPS).This 27-page paper introduces investors to the cutting edge of technology and some of the companies working there.

Wireless 201: An Investors Guide to Understanding 3G Technology and Markets

My most popular report, Wireless 201 helps investors cut through all the hype surrounding 3G technology. It gives the big picture on the migration to next-generation networks and services around the world. This 31-page paper places particular emphasis on companies in the U.S. that are working to capitalize on 3G.

Wireless 101: A Guide to Wireless Investing for Newbies and non-Techies

Wireless 101 is where it all begins. This 20-page report starts with the very basics of mobile wireless to help investors understand the industry and the technology. It introduces all levels of investors to the wireless world and is written in plain-english so that even non-technical people can understand it.

Wireless Industry Primer: A Guide to Wireless for non-Techies Living and Working in a Techie World

At the request of many colleagues and clients, I’ve finally condensed the best of all my content into one report, the Wireless Industry Primer. This 38-page report outlines the technology, industry and network infrastructure in place today to help industry novices come up to speed on wireless quickly. It’s broad coverage includes fixed and mobile wireless hardware and software technologies, taking a lighthearted and fun approach to explain complex terms in plain english so that even non-technical people can understand it. Even seasoned executives and industry followers can gain insight form the big picture of the wireless world presented in the Wireless Industry Primer.