The Qualcomm Equation

Jun 02, 2010

How a Fledgling Telecom Company Forged a
New Path to Big Profits and Market Dominance
Dave Mock, with a foreword by George Gilder

The Qualcomm Equation provides readers with a fascinating inside look at how a small company stormed the burgeoning wireless industry and grew into a global multibillion-dollar powerhouse in less than a decade. This book examines how Qualcomm became so successful, chronicling the early history of the company, then provides an in-depth analysis of Qualcomm’s business model.

Through this eye-opening, real-life case study, readers will learn:

  • how the company pioneered and commercialized a new technology in record time…and made it an industry standard
  • how Qualcomm’s revolutionary business model relied on licensing this technology
  • key business strategies that enabled Qualcomm to leapfrog the competition
  • how companies can encourage and use innovation to dominate their markets

In addition to describing the development of the wireless industry over the last few decades, The Qualcomm Equation is a riveting look at a one-of-a-kind company.

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